BOFCA Repertory Podcast – April 2018

blade runner

Steve Head and Bob Chipman break down the Boston-area repertory screening scene for April 2018.



Norm Schrager talks IFF Boston 2015 and MORPHINE: JOURNEY OF DREAMS

Sam Cohen talks to the director of EX-MACHINA

Monica Castillo talks BEAUTY & THE BEAST, STAR WARS, UNFRIENDED, Mary J. Blige, Harvey Weinstein, INSIDE AMY SCHUMER and more

Kilian Melloy talks to director Alex Garland and reviews THAT MAN FROM RIO

Sean Burns reviews MISERY LOVES COMPANY and interviews David Chen of THE PRIMARY INSTINCT

Spoilerpiece Theatre talks UNFRIENDED, TRUE STORY and STAR WARS

Andy Crump talks ageism in recent films, WHERE’S MAMA’S BOY?, THE COMEDIANS and DEAD LANDS

Joyce Kulhawik talks COME BACK LITTLE SHEBA



“Do u like scary movies? Lol. Coz OMFG! This 1 is about ppl dying on Skype. Srsly! Like, WTF?!?! #Yolo” – Charlie Nash, Cinematic Essential

“Like the cast, we’re trapped in a browser with no means of escape. Even Ctrl+Alt+Del can’t save us.” – Andy Crump, Movie Mezzanine


EX MACHINAExMachina_Alicia-Vikander

“What starts out as a smart psychological thriller with an edge of speculative fiction proves to be a clockwork amusement built from standard parts and not wound sufficiently to get it through its full running time.” – Kilian Melloy, Edge Boston

“…there’s an underlying ickiness to the entire film, and not just the inherent “OMG, THE ROBOTS ARE LIKE PEOPLE” ickiness. There’s an undercurrent of sexism that’s unpalatable.” – David Riedel, Santa Fe Reporter

“With all of the complaining that I do in this review, you might think that I hate EX MACHINA, but that’s not true.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential

“As a film that utilizes misdirection and provokes users to seek through layers of subtext, EX MACHINA proves to be intellectually appealing without materializing into a thesis on one’s own ideas.” – Sam Cohen, Under the Gun Review


True Story 0213.NEFTRUE STORY

“That [Hill and Franco] are pals gives TRUE STORY an existential stink, but they, and the movie, acquit themselves well.” – David Riedel, Santa Fe Reporter

“The film wants to feel important, and it flirts with being a procedural — but it would have done better to stick with celebrating the slippery interface between facts and the human truths we construct from them.” – Kilian Melloy, Edge Boston

“The laughably telegraphed revelations wouldn’t cut it as CBS prime-time fodder.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality


Clouds-of-Sils-Maria-still-3CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA

“It’s a movie you’ll find yourself turning over in your mind for quite some time after the closing credits roll, marinating in the heady swirl of ideas and defiantly unresolved resolutions.” – Sean Burns, The Artery


the_mafia_only_kills_in_summer_a_lTHE MAFIA ONLY KILLS IN SUMMER

“Diliberto doesn’t hand-hold in the slightest. He does, however, deploy background carefully. Attentive viewers should have no trouble keeping pace with his brio.” – Andy Crump, Movie Mezzanine


029af367d7c17488b27b1f9611d605b5da461df1MONKEY KINGDOM

“The subtle, empowering themes at the core of this latest Disneynature film are heartening and certainly something to share with our children (much more politically correct than stories of princesses).” – Michael Cox, Edge Boston