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BOFCA Repertory Podcast – April 2018

blade runner

Steve Head and Bob Chipman break down the Boston-area repertory screening scene for April 2018.



Spoilerpiece Theatre joins the Patreon Community

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Death-Wish-Remake-2018-Review-Bruce-WillisDEATH WISH

“Just what we need now: A morally repugnant good-guy-with-a-gun remake of DEATH WISH directed by vessel of pure id Eli Roth (HOSTEL). – David Riedel, SLC Weekly

“DEATH WISH isn’t the film that it could be—this is a seriously missed opportunity on Roth’s part—but it’s also going to be an unexpected crowdpleaser and potential cult favorite.” – Eli Fine, The Young Folks



red-sparrow-1920x1080-jennifer-lawrence-2018-11925RED SPARROW

“Deconstructing that particular sort of exploitation in narrative fiction without tipping over into just doing it yourself is a really fine line to walk, and Red Sparrow definitely feels like it stumbles more often than it doesn’t.” – Bob Chipman,

“Having the film’s protagonist be so lifeless and expressionless for two hours and twenty minutes is almost never a good idea.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential

“Believes the story here is torturous and able to beat the audience senseless, but the entire film ends up being just as torturous.” - Sam Cohen, Substream

“If there was any question whether Jennifer Lawrence is going to go the distance as an actress, one only has to look at her choice of roles.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies



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