“KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD turns out to be nothing more than a failed practice in repetition.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential




5849a53f134aa126b82774f1_o_U_v1THE WALL

“One or two changes could have possibly put THE WALL in a position to become a cult classic at the very least.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential





“Dellal, who also co-wrote, throws so much into the film that it should feel overstuffed: Reproductive rights, marriage equality, non-traditional family structures, cross-generational tensions, gender roles, parental rights, sexual liberation, and even a hint of polyamory all find their way into the film’s structure, often by way of its busy, but warm-hearted, dialogue.” – Kilian Melloy, Edge Boston








“…with all of the action and characters getting a chance to shine, we get something that’s all over the place while still having the type of form that’s easy to follow.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential

“If a film is directly referencing John Woo’s HARD BOILED and I’m not having a good time watching it, something is seriously wrong.” – Greg Vellante, Edge Boston

“If you are a fan of this franchise, you’ll get your money’s worth. For me, I’ll just say ‘meh.’” – Nick Casaletto, We Live Entertainment

“You’re always aware THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS is a mercenary product that has no real reason for being except to make more money and more FURIOUS movies, collecting characters and co-stars like a lint-roller while putting them into increasingly absurd and strangely weightless vehicular cataclysms.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality



“…COLOSSAL is a failure in pretty much every way imaginable.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential

“For all of the monster movies film-goers have seen over the 100 years of cinema, the ones that tend to hit the hardest are those that recognize and exploit the inner demons within ourselves which come alive incarnate.” – Allyson Johnson, The Young Folks


Brody-AMasterfulEmilyDickinsonMovie2-1200A QUIET PASSION

“[Terence] Davies seems to determined to make a film that’s as prickly and as smart as its main character.” – Kilian Melloy, Edge Boston





“…the child at the center of GIFTED is just that. But to call anything else in the film remotely remarkable is a misnomer.” – Greg Vellante, Edge Boston

“When all is said and done, this formulaic drama is a great film to watch with your family, that will have messages resonate with those of all ages.” -Nick Casaletto, We Live Entertainment



hero_After-the-Storm-2017AFTER THE STORM

“An empathetic film about honest mistakes and trying to right wrongs, AFTER THE STORM proves that misdeeds can be weathered and any relationship salvaged with the right amount of effort.” – Allyson Johnson, Cambridge Day

“AFTER THE STORM isn’t the kind of movie that wraps everything up in a big bow for you at the end, and Kore-eda’s certainly not going to pretend that one night can solve years of family dysfunction. But with gentleness and great empathy, the film leaves these characters in a better place than they were before the rain.” – Sean Burns, The ARTery



Going-in-Style-Movie-wallpaper-HD-film-2017-poster-imageGOING IN STYLE

“Most surprising, however, is the film’s director, Zach Braff, who has seemed to find a genre that genuinely works for him. After struggling to find his directorial footing with indie Sundance films like GARDEN STATE and WISH I WAS HERE, the filmmaker makes the most out of what screwball can accomplish.” – Greg Vellante, Edge Boston

“…a film where we get to enjoy three of our finest elder actors showing just how easy they can make it all look.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies




trailer-trans-hitman-tale-the-assignmentTHE ASSIGNMENT

“THE ASSIGNMENT will never be confused with one of this filmmaker’s finest, but if you can get on the movie’s bonkers, pulpy wavelength it’s kind of a hoot.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality

“…a real curiosity and is probably destined for cult status.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies





“As far as dumb action movies go, this is a great-looking one, but it should have been so much more.” – Sean Burns, North Shore Movies

“Sadly, besides a few memorable scenes and the visual/score matchup to be nothing short of brilliant, I was underwhelmed and bored by the once manga masterpiece.” – Nick Casaletto, We Live Entertainment



bossbaby3THE BOSS BABY

“It should engage the youngsters but will leave more sophisticated viewers–say, those older than eight or nine–wanting something with more substance…” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies




“In the end, what lingers most about THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER is a sunken feeling in the pit of your stomach that everything is *not* going to be okay.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality


thumbnail_25006 SABAN’S POWER RANGERS

“I couldn’t tell you what hardcore POWER RANGERS fans might’ve wanted out of a movie, but if someone did this to something I’d loved as, say, an 8-year-old? My inclination might be (in the parlance of my 8-year-old self) to punch them in the taint.” – Bob Chipman, GEEK.COM

“Beneath the colors, catch phrases, and cheesiness, is a story about five characters looking to make their lives meaningful. This is a story of relationships, friendships, and becoming something that’s always been inside you.” – Nick Casaletto, We Live Entertainment



“You can nap through about half the movie and wake up in time to be entertained, rather than annoyed.” – Kilian Melloy, Edge Boston

“It’s not terrible. It’s just terribly unoriginal.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“The problem with LIFE isn’t that it’s regurgitated genre fare, but that in its redundancies it remains flavorless, too pleased sticking to the straight and narrow.” – Allyson Johnson, Cambridge Day

“There are a few references to the nature of life being to destroy and consume, which perhaps informed the hybrid creature design, but they come far too late to save this LIFE.” – Kristofer Jenson, C-Ville Weekly




“…a film that understands that the toughest part about getting older is that, with each passing day, your future gets smaller as your past exponentially grows.” – Greg Vellante, Edge Boston

“…as depressing as the film can be, it nevertheless contains much of the humor that likewise cut the drug-induced drama of Boyle and returning screenwriter Hodge’s original.” – Brett Michel, The Improper Bostonian

“T2 teasingly nails the very specific sadness of guys who stayed too late at the party and now find themselves waking up in their 40s when all that settled-down stuff they used to sneer at suddenly doesn’t seem so bad anymore.” – Sean Burns, The ARTery

“While Danny Boyle’s first ever sequel isn’t perfect, it provides more than enough of that dark comedic content that will delight audiences.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential