GHOSTBUSTERS, written by and starring the late Harold Ramis (discussed and debated by the BOFCA Podcast crew around 11:05)

BOFCA members Steve Head, David Riedel and Bob Chipman discuss new and classic films coming to the repertory screening scene in Boston.


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Throughout February (and the last day of January) Harvard Square’s historic Brattle Theater will feature their “(Some of) The Best of 2013″ Repertory Series. Members of the Boston Online Film Critics Association are honored to present introductions to select screenings of these films, scheduled as follows:

1/31 9:15pm ENOUGH SAID presented by Inkoo Kang

2/2 4:45pm MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING presented by Evan Crean

2/2 9:00pm MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING presented by Daniel Kimmel

2/6 7:30pm WADJDA presented by Monica Castillo

2/7 7:30pm SHORT TERM 12 presented by Norm Schrager

2/8 7:00pm THE ACT OF KILLING presented by Kristofer Jenson

2/8 9:30pm THE FAST & THE FURIOUS 6 presented by Kristofer Jenson

2/9 4:45pm THE WORLD’S END presented by Andrew Crump

2/9 7:00pm DRINKING BUDDIES presented by Andrew Crump

2/10 8:30pm DRUG WAR presented by Monica Castillo

The complete schedule, along with additional showtimes and presenters, is available at The Brattle Theater’s website.



BLACULA (1972) Showing monday January 27 at The Brattle, part of the “Dead of Winter: Bloodsucking Freaks” repertory series.

BOFCA’s Steve Head, Brett Michel and Bob Chipman brave the January doldrums to bring you a fun-size sampling Boston-area movie events for the remainder of Holiday Recuperation Month. Check it out HERE:



While you can usually find us holed up in the trenches of the press row, we do like to come out and support the local film scene here in Boston. In a joint effort with the Boston Society of Film Critics, we will help introduce a number of the films in The Brattle Theatre’s (Some of) The Best of 2012 series. Check out what you might have missed last year or come again for a favorite. You’re also more than welcome to come and say hello.

These are the confirmed screenings with introductions by BOFCA members:

Fri, Feb 1              BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD at 7:30 pm by Greg Vellante

Fri, Feb 1              MOONRISE KINGDOM at 9:30 pm by Greg Vellante

Sat, Feb 2            THE AVENGERS at 6:30 pm by Bob Chipman

Sat, Feb 2            THE DARK KNIGHT RISES at 9:15 pm by Dan Kimmel

Sun, Feb 3           WAKE IN FRIGHT at 7:00 pm by Brett Michel

Sun, Feb 3           DAISIES at 9:30 pm by Brett Michel

Mon, Feb 4           THIS IS NOT A FILM at 7:30 pm by Norm Schrager

Mon, Feb 4           AI WEIWEI: NEVER SORRY at 9:15 pm by Monica Castillo

Wed, Feb 6          THE DAY HE ARRIVES at 7:15 pm by Brett Michel

Wed, Feb 6          OSLO, AUGUST 31st at  9:00 pm by Brett Michel

Thu, Feb 7            LOOPER  at 7:00 pm by Evan Crean

Fri, Feb 8              THE RAID: REDEMPTION at 9:30 pm by Steve Head & John Black

Sat, Feb 9            HOLY MOTORS at 7:30 pm by Monica Castillo

Sat, Feb 9            COSMOPOLIS at 9:45 pm by Sean Burns

The full schedule of the (Some of) The Best of 2012 series can be found on the Brattle’s site. You can purchase tickets in advance on their website or help support their Kickstarter to help buy digital equipment for the theater. Hope to see you out there supporting independent cinema!

-Monica Castillo