epcjckx9aql6darbtjvvTERMINATOR GENISYS

“GENISYS winks and nudges so much it’ll bruise your ribs.” – Andy Crump, Paste Magazine

“A pointless but not unentertaining diversion, TERMINATOR GENISYS exists for the same reason a dog licks his balls: because it can.” – Sean Burns, Movie Mezzanine

“TERMINATOR GENISYS could have been your next favorite dumb action movie, but it is far too concerned with fitting into the greater Terminator timeline and ultimately the action suffers because of it.” – Deirdre Crimmins, Cinematic Essential

“…despite Schwartzenegger’s presence, this film is a big-budget, confusing mess who’s ultimate insult is an ambiguous post-credits final scene trumpeting an unnecessary sequel to come.” – Tim Estiloz, El Mundo Boston

“TERMINATOR GENISYS may be yet another summer movie sequel, but this one turns out to have been worth the effort.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“…much more interested in cheaply calling back to its predecessors, sporting a framework indicative of the superhero genre’s increasingly huge influence on blockbusters, and setting the stage for installments to come.” – Sam Cohen, Under the Gun Review


magic-mike-xxl-channing-tatum-gabriel-iglesiasMAGIC MIKE XXL

“While MAGIC MIKE sold a darker, cautionary tale alongside the fantasy of a buddy band of strippers, MAGIC MIKE XXL makes it all about the fun.” – Monica Castillo, International Business Times


infinitely-polar-bearINFINITELY POLAR BEAR

“This may be based on a true story, but the film itself never once succeeds in evoking real experience.” – Jake Mulligan, Edge Boston

“…nothing’s ever quite so black-and-white in INFINITELY POLAR BEAR, which treats issues of race, mental illness and family dysfunction with nuance.” – Brett Michel, The Improper Bostonian



“Slyly constructed as a shrine to its star, MANGLEHORN is peppered with shoutouts to Pacino’s filmography.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality






TED 204

Ted 2 is the next stop on the road that MacFarlane has been traveling down since A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST, one starting with artistic integrity and ending with delusions of grandeur.” – Sam Cohen, Substream Magazine

“The pattern beginning to emerge with MacFarlane’s live-action work is that the “elaborate setpiece” gags either land soft or not at all, while the small observational material stands up a lot better.” – Bob Chipman, Moviebob



MAX manages to tell a coherent story in spite of the many subplots that are introduced and run side by side with the primary plot.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential




“…a beautifully filmed story about love, loss, pomp and passion brought to live by some terrific acting from the entire cast.” – John Black, Boston Event Guide

“…as schematic and preordained as the classical aesthetics it’s supposedly railing against.” – Jake Mulligan, Edge Boston



the-overnightTHE OVERNIGHT

“…a slender conceit stretched out about as far as it can go…” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality

“…the sort of film that lets you get to know four people better than you may know your own friends, and it never tries to be anything more than it is.” – Deirdre Crimmins, Cinematic Essential

“…rarely goes off into tangents where it would be difficult to reel everything back into the main narrative.” – Sam Cohen, Under the Gun Review

“Turns out that kids really do ruin everything.” – Andy Crump, Paste Magazine


big-game-movie-set-2BIG GAME

“If you’re going to drop a bomb, you might as well drop it with gusto.” – Andy Crump, Paste Magazine

“So much of today’s big-ticket filmmaking is designed to pummel you into submission that Helander’s scrappy chutzpah feels kinda soothing. ” – Sean Burns, Movie Mezzanine





“As close as [Pixar] has come to outright making “TOY STORY but with _____” …and it still manages to land as a new member of the studio’s legendary top-tier productions – this is a masterpiece.” – Bob Chipman, MOVIEBOB

“Sometim es, it takes a touch of sadness to experience and appreciate real joy.” – Brett Michel, Improper Bostonian

“Pixar understands the value of a good laugh as much as the importance of a good cry. You’ll do plenty of both throughout.” – Andy Crump, A Constant Visual Feast

“INSIDE OUT is a brilliant and touching film that shows Pixar has not lost its touch.” – Deirdre Crimmins, Cinematic Essential

“The movie is deceptively cheery and simple for kids, yet grows in complexity the more one reflects on the made-up structure of this amusement park of a movie.” – Monica Castillo, International Business Times

“Welcome back, Pixar. We’ve missed you.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“The toys almost getting destroyed in TOY STORY 3, Carl losing his wife in UP, and almost losing Boo in MONSTERS, INC.– wait until you meet Sadness and Joy.” – Sam Cohen, Under the Gun Review

20150106homeandearl0125magME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL

“Leave the tissues at home. Bring an aspirin instead.” – Andy Crump, Movie Mezzanine

“Oh, why didn’t they just call it ME?” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality

“…ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL forces the audience to spend time with one of the more narcissistic teenagers we have seen in years while feeding his narcissism.” – Deirdre Crimmins, Cinematic Essential



“So what’s so fresh about DOPE? Nothing.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential

“With hip-hop-fueled personality in spades, DOPE tries to be many things: drug comedy, coming-of-age drama and action farce. Luckily, its scattershot narrative is almost always exciting and a pleasure to watch.” – Sam Cohen, Substream Magazine



“This film is handsomely produced and beautifully shot by cinematographer Rob Hardy. It’s also hobbled by a certain rote quality that pervades every scene, as well as an emotionally heavy, damp atmosphere.” – Kilian Melloy, Edge Boston


the-wolfpack-movie-image-1THE WOLFPACK

“Call social services.” – John Black, Boston Event Guide

“…a compelling tale about the transporting power of film in the face of human insularity.” – Andy Crump, Paste Magazine



Jurassic World


“Spectacularly silly, as though tweaking the noses of genre-fans who demand every last franchise tumble down into Gritty Realism Land was a Priority 1 note pinned to the screenwriter’s monitor.” – Bob Chipman, MOVIEBOB

“…harebrained but never boring, and unlike the last two sequels, it has a proper if overstated reverence for Steven Spielberg’s original classic. ” – Andy Crump, Paste Magazine

“While it clearly (and predictably) fails to come close to JURASSIC PARK, JURASSIC WORLD does manage to provide a great deal of entertainment for those of us who are interested.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential

“The plotting and characterization is about an inch deep, but it does raise some interesting points along the way to its mega-dinosaur smackdown finale.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“If CGI creature fighting, close-call moments upended by heroic feats and spurts of nostalgia callbacks are your bag, then you might enjoy this scaleless attempt at carrying on a brand name instead of a unique film series.” – Sam Cohen, Substream Magazine

“As pure escapist popcorn spectacle, JURASSIC WORLD hits its intended mark of throwing lots of action onto the screen; but beyond the chaos, there’s little meat on the bone for this story.” – Tim Estiloz, El Mundo Boston

“Fleeting glimpses of joy are the strongest segments of JURASSIC WORLD, a theme park and movie that is about filling seats and crunching numbers.” – Max Covill, Impassioned Cinema

“There’s a high level of craft going on here but also a cynical shrug.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality

“…predictability stunts the narrative from becoming anything that would inspire Spielberg-esque awe.” – Monica Castillo, International Business Times

“The plot is as fossilized as the bones that paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) was digging up in the desert at the beginning of JURASSIC PARK way back in 1993, but so what?” – John Black, Boston Event Guide


The-Connection-reviewTHE CONNECTION

“Jimenez hasn’t exactly broken the period-crime/thriller mold, but he’s built a solid entertainment, with techniques well absorbed from the American movie tradition.” – David Riedel, Santa Fe Reporter



heaven-knows-whatHEAVEN KNOWS WHAT

“Cinema lets us engage with difficult subject matter through a veneer of security. But something like HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT pierces that veil. By its very nature, it pushes the boundaries of our personal comfort.” – Andy Crump, Paste Magazine

“HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT may not be a pleasant viewing experience, but it is an enormously compelling one, and with exceptional artistry forced me to look at and consider people from whom on the street I too often look away.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality

“This is a movie made up of the places, the actions, and the people that we look away from.” – Jake Mulligan, Dig Boston




“…there is a story to be told here about how these rebels became the establishment, but it’s not one Nguyen nor any of the (surprisingly few) participants have any interest in telling.” – Sean Burns, Movie Mezzanine

“There are murmurs here of SNL having lost its edge, and it’s true that there have been periods of stagnation in that long four-decade run, but that essential, transgressive aura remains bright and intact.” – Kilian Melloy, Edge Boston



“Don’t think about THE FAREWELL PARTY as a movie about anything in terms of your own personal stand – pro or con – about assisted suicide; think of it, instead, as a beautifully rendered tale about friendship and the lengths friends will go to for each other.” – John Black, Boston Event Guide




maxresdefault (15)ENTOURAGE

“If you think missing ENTOURAGE means you’ll miss out on chance of seeing an insightful inside look at the workings of a Hollywood studio, then watch the 1992 Robert Altman classic THE PLAYER. It’s a much better movie in every respect.” – John Black, Boston Event Guide

“As a satire of the movie industry, ENTOURAGE is Hollywood Lite.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“…this pack of bratty wolves crying to moon about their rich white male problems is just annoying enough to call to animal control.” – Monica Castillo, International Business Times

“…so celebratory of its wickedness that it feels like the cinematic equivalent of partying within the nine consecutive circles of Hell.” – Charlie Nash, Cinematic Essential



“Thank goodness for SPY, which is funny, empowering, and avoids the slippery slope of mean comedy.” – Deirdre Crimmins, Cinematic Essential

“With the release of SPY, it seems that McCarthy has finally found a role that fits her like a glove.” – John Black, Boston Event Guide

“Melissa McCarthy is at the top of her game here, doling out one-liners at the same rate James Bond beds women.” – Sam Cohen, Under the Gun Review

“As perfect a star-vehicle as has been conceived for a comedian since Adam Sandler pulled on his blue suit for THE WEDDING SINGER.” – Bob Chipman, MovieBob

“Excruciatingly funny.” – Joyce Kulhawik, Joyce’s Choices


insidious-chapter-3INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3

INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 does deliver some quality scares for people who aren’t completely turned off by horror films that welcome people under the age of eighteen.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential

“Fits together well enough, but there’s a sameness setting in that’s more pronounced now that you can’t blame it on other returning actors of plot details.” – Bob Chipman, MovieBob



e917e70cLOVE & MERCY

“LOVE & MERCY doesn’t give us perfection, but it is a powerful, sensorially rich experience all the same.” – Kilian Melloy, Edge Boston

“In the current context, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to read LOVE & MERCY as some gentle rebuke to blockbuster-season excess.” – David Riedel, Santa Fe Reporter



“…what makes RESULTS so special is that it delivers all the conventional rom-com satisfactions while also stubbornly being it’s own unique thing. [Bujalski] has respect for the genre, yet brings an experimental filmmaker’s curiosity to the table.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality

“[Bujalski's] replaced the hallmarks of the genre with the verbal awkwardness and spiritual messiness of real life.” – Jake Mulligan, Dig Boston

“Naivety is fun to poke fun at, sure. To grow up with these main players, at least make them interesting to watch being dynamic.” – Sam Cohen, Under the Gun Review