Andra Day sings passionately as Billie Holiday in the film The United States vs Billie HolidayTHE UNITED STATES VS. BILLIE HOLIDAY

“This biopic of jazz legend Billy Holiday feels more jazzy and legendary than biographical.” – Kilian Melloy, EDGE Media Network

“Day doesn’t simply imitate, but somehow packs an otherworldly power and tenderness into every phrase, no small feat given how idiosyncratic, brilliantly spontaneous and indelible were Holiday’s interpretive gifts.” – Joyce Kulhawik, Joyce’s Choices

Dave Davis creeps around in the dark with wearing tefilin holding a candle in front of his face in the horror movie The VigilTHE VIGIL

“The horror of THE VIGIL has to do with confronting one’s life and finding the strength to go on living it. – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies




Dan Stevens tilts his head while looking at Isla Fisher in the movie Blithe SpiritBlithe Spirit
“You won’t take any of this seriously, nor are you asked to. Instead, you can simply enjoy the period costumes, sumptuous sets, and an attractive cast having a bit of fun.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies



Alberto Testone looks haggard and looks over his shoulder in the movie SinSIN

“Director Andrey Konchalovskiy uses period authenticity to bolster the film’s psychological elements, which sometimes take the form of overwhelming religious superstition and guilt-ridden paranoia.” – Kilian Melloy, EDGE Media Network


Nick Robinson stands holding his hands behind his head in the movie Silk RoadSILK ROAD

“Writer/director Tiller Russell seems to be working at cross purposes throughout the film, leaving unfocused what should have been a straight-ahead crime story.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies




Michael Aloni holds a shotgun at someone in the film Happy TimesHAPPY TIMES
“It makes KNIVES OUT look like a walk in the park.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies



Gillian Wallace Horvat wears green sunglasses and a pink Hollywood shirt at a cemetary in the film I Blame SocietyI BLAME SOCIETY

“…the supposed comedy comes from her reactions to her crime spree. This was apparently intended to be witty and subversive, but ends up filling you with revulsion.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies


Dean Imperial wears a backpack and looks to off camera in the film LapsisLAPSIS

“Superficially a work of near-future science fiction, LAPSIS is actually a thoroughgoing and deep-reaching satire.” – Kilian Melloy, EDGE Media Network


Kyle Allen and Kathryn Newton sit on a bed together looking at a map in the movie The Map of Tiny Perfect ThingsTHE MAP OF TINY PERFECT THINGS

“THE MAP OF TINY PERFECT THINGS makes good use of a well-worn plot device without making you feel you’ve already seen this story multiple times.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies


Zoe Marshall leans over on Jan Oliver Lucks in the documentary There's No I in ThreesomeTHERE IS NO I IN THREESOME

“What seems like a road leading to a foregone destination suddenly becomes a much more challenging route through questions of love, romance, autobiographical art, and the documentary genre itself.” – Kilian Melloy, EDGE Media Network

A drag queen holding a fan and wearing a necklace with the letters MKD in the documentary Workhorse QueenWORKHORSE QUEEN

“Washko’s portrait of the drag performance ecosystem that exists at the edges of fame is funny and heartbreaking, but it also brims with compassion and creative excitement.” – Kilian Melloy, EDGE Media Network