Jared Bowen looks at Hedwig and The Angry Inch and Blood on The Snow for Arts This Week

Deirdre Crimmins interviews Rahul Jain

Greg Vellante looks at JEANNE DIELMAN

Bob Chipman talks Batman games, Arcade classics, Sony’s “bootleg” Marvel Universe and WONDER WOMAN spoilers

Kristofer Jenson presents a Boston Reel Rep Roundup

Nick Casaletto reviews the finale of THE LEFTOVERS

Sean Burns reviews LONG STRANGE TRIP

Spoilerpiece Theatre talks WONDER WOMAN and TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME

Andrew Crump interviews Trey Edward Shults and Zoe Lister-Jones


Deirdre Crimmins reviews BELIEF

Allyson Johnson reviews YOU’RE THE WORST,

Kristofer Jenson brings you Boston Reel’s Rep Roundup

Spoilerpiece Theatre talks THE ACCOUNTANT, THE DYBBUK and A MAN CALLED OVE


Dan Kimmel talks his upcoming projects

Bob Chipman looks back at THE GUYVER

Jared Bowen updates the Open Studio Archive

Joyce Kulhawik reviews HAMLET and UNCANNEY VALLEY


Spoilerpiece Theatre does FIFTY SHADES OF GREY

Monica Castillo talks GHOSTBUSTERSBenedict Cumberbatch, 31 Days of Oscar and female directors

Sam Cohen looks at the Terrence Mallick-produced THE BETTER ANGELS

Bob Chipman reviews LAW & ORDER: SVU’s controversial new episode

Jared Bowen debuts a brand new OPEN STUDIO

Andy Crump breaks down WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, alternate Oscar viewing, Neil Blomkamp’s possible ALIEN movie and AGENT CARTER


Hello, film fans!

As you know, the Boston Online Film Critics Association publishes a weekly round-up of our members’ reviews of major new releases to Boston-area theaters every Friday. But BOFCA’s diverse membership does more than just that: Many of us publish reviews, articles, videos and podcasts on a wide variety of other film and entertainment related subjects.

Thus, we’re instituting a new Mid-Week Roundup; where you’ll find a choice selection of the other great content BOFCA members have to offer. As this is our inaugural installment, a few selections may go back a bit – but if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s new to you. Enjoy!

Movie Mezzanine’s “History of Film” had Sean Burns on 8 1/2 and Andy Crump on PLAYTIME

David Riedel, Evan Crean and Kris Jenson have new podcast venture, Spoilerpiece Theatre. Check out a new episode here.

Sean Burns and Jake Mulligan examine the Boston Repertory scene blog-style at Boston Rep Film

Inkoo Kang reviewed THE COLD LANDS

Deirdre Crimmins looked at the classic DARK CITY and HAUSU (HOUSE) for The Brattle Theater, and offered dispatches from Fantasia Film Festival

David Riedel dove into BRIGHT DAYS AHEAD

Tim Estiloz, Monica Castillo and Jared Bowen appeared on WGBH to talk Summer Movies

Killian Melloy reviewed BOY MEETS GIRL

Bob Chipman and Inkoo Kang appeared on the Escapist Movies Podcast

Michael Cox reviewed the documentaries BIG JOY, THE FINAL MEMBER and THE UNKNOWN KNOWN