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Apologies for not having one of these up last week – busy times, still no excuse. In any case, here’s what we’ve been up to (and did you see our awesome awards that had the whole film community buzzing??)

Derek Deskins looked over the Golden Globes Nominees and THE BAREFOOT ARTIST

Andy Crump editorialized on SELMA and Ferguson for Badass Digest, talked to THE BABADOOK’s Jennifer Kent and looks at the trailer for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

Monica Castillo interviews Laura Poitras about directing her documentary CITIZENFOUR.

Bob Chipman talked about the reality of censorship… twice

Spoilerpiece Theater dug into THE HOMESMAN and HORRIBLE BOSSES 2

Norm Schrager reviews WE ARE THE BEST!

Deirdre Crimmins on ROME OPEN CITY


Note: The Boston Online Film Critics Association extends its condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of the late Robin Williams. 

Greetings movie-lovers! Here’s your weekly sampling of what the members of the Boston Online Film Critics Association have been doing, seeing and saying lately. Enjoy!

Michael Cox reviewed DOM HEMINGWAY and DISNEY’S BEARS

Deirdre Crimmins reports on horrific offerings from Fantasia Fest

Kilian Melloy on THE DOG and the passing of Robin Williams

Bob Chipman talked GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and more on The Escapist Podcast

Joyce Kulhawik weighs in on LIFE ITSELF

Spoilerpiece Theatre took on GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and TMNT