Press for 2014 BOFCA Awards

Here’s what press are saying about the 2014 BOFCA Awards winners:

“The regional critics groups have begun dishing out kudos, starting today with the Boston Online Film Critics Association. And happily, we’re kicking things off with an outside-the-box choice that hopefully sets the stage for this wide open season. Note to critics groups: it’s OK to be this adventurous.” — Kristopher Tapley, HitFix

“The Boston Online Film Critics Association went rogue today with a decidedly outside-the-box list of 2014 awards winners.” — Ryan Lattanzio, Thompson on Hollywood, Indiewire

“Meanwhile, the Boston online writers went further afield, anointing the postapocalyptic noir ‘Snowpiercer’ best picture, Alejandro G. Iñárritu best director for ‘Birdman,’ Brendan Gleeson best actor for his work in ‘Calvary‘ and [Marion] Cotillard best actress [for ‘Two Days, One Night’].” — Cara Buckley, The New York Times

Good Idiosyncratic Picks: “Hollywood Elsewhere loves spirited eccentricity in handing out year-end awards, and BOFCA has certainly offered a taste of that.” — Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood Elsewhere

“…Bong Joon-ho’s sci-fi piece Snowpiercer, which surprisingly won best film from the Boston Online Film Critics Association.” — Ben Child, The Guardian

“The Boston Online Film Critics Assn. favored dark-horse indies on Saturday, naming ‘Snowpiercer‘ the year’s top film. … The Boston Online Critics clearly favored arthouse fare rather than the major-studio films that are also in the Oscar race.” — Tim Gray, Variety

“Not to be outdone in eclectic choices, on Saturday the Boston Online Film Critics Association selected an unconventional winner for best of 2014: Bong Joon-ho’s dystopian action film, “Snowpiercer,” for which Tilda Swinton was also named Best Supporting Actress.” — David Morgan, CBS News

“The Boston Online Film Critics Association has selected an unconventional choice for the best picture of 2014.” — Ryan Gajewski, The Hollywood Reporter

“Both the Boston Society of Film Critics and Boston Online Film Critics Association (two groups that I like to imagine engaging in jazz-rumbles on the streets of Boston while bickering about Tati) publicized their choices over the weekend, neatly illustrating the gap between studio-favoring awards programs and bodies dedicated to recognizing indie excellence.” — Charles Bramesco, The Dissolve

“The film tastes and opinions of BOFCA may vary, sometimes widely; but this professional group of individuals and comrades have turned out a stellar list of the best in film this year.” — Tim Estiloz,


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