Andrew Crump breaks down The Ten Best Movies In Theaters Right Now


Bob Chipman talks GHOSTBUSTERS and The Election

Sean Burns looks at DOG EAT DOG

Kristofer Jenson’s Boston Reel has Repertory Picks


7d47ec7ea66ca8c8_soyld04713332c2r2 ARRIVAL

“This is science fiction for grown-ups, ready to follow three-dimensional characters grappling with deep ideas.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“As far as spawning soulless aesthetic imitators goes, I think it’s now safe to say that THE TREE OF LIFE has done more damage to the American cinema than anything since PULP FICTION.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality

“By sheer stroke of timing, it’s about global fracturing, global and national cultures split by mistrust, and enmity fostered through years of intercontinental strife.” – Andy Crump, Paste Magazine

“While there are moments to ponder surely, ARRIVAL is an emotional experience, much greater than the intellectual, thoughtful experience one may expect.” – Allyson Johnson, The Young Folks

“ARRIVAL has a big budget, but it’s got the heart of a smaller, more thoughtful project; it’s more THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL than EARTH VERSUS THE FLYING SAUCERS – Kilian Melloy, Edge Boston

“From first scene to last, the film leads you from darkness into light, on a continuous journey of life and death, where communication is key to an ever widening horizon; it’s a journey both strange and familiar; you’ll know when you’ve arrived.” – Joyce Kulhawik, Joyce’s Choices



“LOVING is a slow burn that’s contents to experience solitude, spirituality and nature without ever relenting on the human spirit.” – Allyson Johnson, The Young Folks

“Nichols, once again, proves too timid to dig deep enough into his subject matter to mine something, anything, for us to latch onto.” – Andy Crump, Paste Magazine



almostchristmas3ALMOST CHRISTMAS

“In the end, the filmmakers’ poor choices are highlighted in the outtakes shown during the credits, featuring some of the best one-liners and most buoyant, improvisational comedy of the movie.” – Michael Cox, Edge Boston


DR. STRANGEdoctor-strange-3

“Through outstanding casting, splashy visuals, and some unexpected (and welcome) wit, DOCTOR STRANGE is easily the best of comic book movie of the year.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“Doesn’t this stuff ever get stale to you people?” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality

“Though not without its flaws, DOCTOR STRANGE turns out to be another solid addition to the Marvel library that’s able to fit comfortably with everything else they’ve had to offer so far.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential

“…if you enjoy these Marvel movies, the addition of magic to the MCU is just enough to add some new fizz to the formula.” – Brett Michel, The Improper Bostonian


hacksawridge_markrogers_d0a9525HACKSAW RIDGE

“HACKSAW RIDGE works in the same way THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST and APOCALYPTO worked, beating the crap out of the audience with a ferocious sadism that the ardent religious convictions of the filmmaker seem to be either enabling or only barely keeping at bay.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality

“I’m a sucker for films about good people, and Desmond Doss is one of the great ones.” – Greg Vellante, Forces Of Geek

“HACKSAW RIDGE will satisfy Garfield fans, Gibson supporters or war movie connoisseurs, but little more.” – Allyson Johnson, Cambridge Day

“Garfield gives an Oscar-worthy performance, showing the medic to be a simple man of conviction and courage.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“This is filmmaking of a fine and effective order, but with both faith-based pacifism and balls-out warfare being given such hard scrutiny you might be forgiven for not being entirely certain what Gibson’s intent is or what he wants you to take away from the film.” – Kilian Melloy, Edge Boston

“A truly delicate and animalistic story about one of the U.S.’s greatest heroes.” – Sam Cohen, Substream Magazine

“Gibson brings Doss’ story to screen with his own firm conviction, telling the story without factual nor fictional embellishment according to research.” – Tim Estiloz, El Mundo Boston

“HACKSAW RIDGE is by no means a perfect film, but what’s included gives the people who want to see it an opportunity to leave the theaters satisfied with what they’ve just watched.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential



“Each chapter of this story would function as a strong short film if viewed independently. But the cumulative effect might just blindside you.” – Brett Michel, The Improper Bostonian

“As demonstrated in Jenkins’ first feature, 2008’s winning, morning-after-a-one-night-stand comedy MEDICINE FOR MELANCHOLY, he’s got a knack for letting his characters talk their way around one other’s defense mechanisms and insecurities.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality

“The film encourages self-reflection, but not at the expense of either its narrative or the viewing experience. ” – Andy Crump, Paste Magazine

“Both as a work of art and a social statement, MOONLIGHT is required viewing. It is easily one of the best films of 2016 and the most quietly powerful film in recent memory.” – Kristofer Jenson, C-Ville Weekly




“At once a fantastic opportunity to get the kids out of the house, a catalyst for spending 50 dollars on popcorn and candy, and a film that holds its weight in similar sugary stuffing, there are countless things worse to do than TROLLS on a Saturday afternoon.” – Greg Vellante, Edge Boston



The Stooges In the StudioGIMME DANGER

“Overall it’s a bit slack with the indulgences you see sometimes when people make movies about their friends, but there are worse ways to spend two hours than in “the streetwalking cheetah with a heart full of napalm’s” laundry room.” – Sean Burns, The ARTery






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