Alita: Battle AngelALITA: BATTLE ANGEL

“It’s fantastical to the point of being cartoonish, but with a grimness that never lets us forget the stakes.” – Allyson Johnson, Cambridge Day

“Thankfully, ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL somehow appears to know that the best things going for it are the cyborg designs and the fights.” – Deirdre Crimmins, High-Def Digest

“ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL is not perfect, but I enjoyed the overall execution.” – Byron D. Zero, Nerd Caliber

“ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL is a technical showcase. When the director of TITANIC and AVATAR asks for money, the correct answer seems to be how much.” – Max Covill, Film School Rejects

“[It] gives us a heroine to cheer on, and a breakthrough in special effects that amazes.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies


2507_T1_00059ARV2.0HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U

“HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U is smart enough to know that it would be boring to completely repeat the first film, but it goes a little too far away from the original premise and ultimately squanders the tone and purpose of what the franchise originally set out to be.” – Deirdre Crimmins, High-Def Digest


hero_EverybodyKnows_2019_1EVERYBODY KNOWS

“EVERYBODY KNOWS is what happens when one of our stodgier dramatists teams up with two movie stars who always look like they just finished having sex.” – Sean Burns, The ARTery