Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu in the movie Hustlers HUSTLERS

“Writer/director Lorene Scafaria takes what could have been a tired and predictable tale and takes it in unexpected directions.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“The script written and directed by Lorene Scafaria fleshes out the characters well beyond their physical requirements, honors the grit and stamina it takes to do what they do, and gets to the moral ambiguity of the situation.” – Joyce Kulhawik, Joyce’s Choices

Ansel Elgort looking bookish in the movie The GoldfinchTHE GOLDFINCH

“Nothing lasts forever. That’s the ultimate message communicated by John Crowley’s THE GOLDFINCH, but with a duration that seems to last a lifetime and cinematic storytelling that is dead on arrival, the film seems entirely intent on proving the notion wrong.” – Greg Vellante, Spectrum Culture

A tattooed person's back featuring an elaborate tattoo from the documentary Tattoo UprisingTATTOO UPRISING

“A word of warning for the uncut: You may walk into this film pristine of dermis… but you’re going to want to correct that soon enough after drinking in this colorful, eccentric movie.” – Kilian Melloy, EDGE Media Network


A bloodied woman holding a hatchet behind her head in the movie Cut of the DeadCUT OF THE DEAD

“For genre fans, it’s like suddenly waking up in a world where you no longer have to defend your love of all things horror.” – John Black, Gruesome Magazine


A black and white photo of singer Linda Ronstadt looking into the cameraLINDA RONSTADT: SOUND OF MY VOICE

“Wisely the film lets us revel in the sound of that lustrous voice, soaring rich and sweet on the ballads, raw and sexy on the R & B and uptempo pop tunes, cool and smooth on jazz-inflected standards, and climbing octaves toward a lilting soprano as easy as skipping stones across a crystal clear lake.” – Joyce Kulhawik, Joyce’s Choices