The poster for the documentary The Found Footage Phenomenon. It looks like it's showing a video camera's viewfinder with battery and time code.THE FOUND FOOTAGE PHENOMENON

“You may come to the end of THE FOUND FOOTAGE PHENOMENON with your mind unchanged about the quality or value of such movies, but you will also have a greater understanding of the challenges they present both to filmmakers and to audiences and why such films will continue to be made.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

Jessie Buckley looking terrified in the movie MenMEN

“While it’s a tour-de-force by Kinnear, one is left asking…why? Without giving anything away, it seems to be a heavy-handed allegory.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies


Samara Weaving and Eugenio Derbez stand together in formal clothes in the movie The ValetTHE VALET

“Once it gets rolling, it takes its frankly unbelievable premise and goes to town, providing laughs and not a little social commentary. It’s the sort of movie that probably wouldn’t make a splash in theaters but is ideal for the streaming age (premiering on Hulu).” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies