“The bottom line is that IT is one of the better Stephen King film adaptations, but falls short of the pantheon…” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“In spite of the monster living behind all of the make-up in this movie not being able to keep up with the previous interpretation, I left the screening satisfied with IT as a total body of work.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential

“IT feels a bit like a carnival ride; perhaps one you’ve been on a few times, but one that’s still thrilling enough to give you a good jolt.” – Charlie Nash, Film Thrills

“At its best IT feels like an R-rated version of THE GOONIES, if THE GOONIES wasn’t one of the worst movies ever made.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality




“Few films are as attentive to the spaces inhabited by their characters as COLUMBUS, a meticulously assured debut from one-named-wonder Kogonada.” – Sean Burns, The ARTery

“COLUMBUS is one of the year’s best films, a rare gem that deserves to be sought out in what will likely be a limited marketplace for theatrical distribution.” – Greg Vellante, Edge Boston

“While you may admire the scenery and learn a bit about COLUMBUS’ architectural history, it’s the superb, understated performances that make the movie’s minimalist plot work.” – Brett Michel, The Improper Bostonian

“Kogonada’s spaces are richly conceived, but they’ve yet to find the room needed to emphasize the rich performances within them.” – Jake Mulligan, Dig Boston

“COLUMBUS is a precious kind of contradiction: both an unabashed mystery and a work completely expected of its author.” – Andy Crump, Paste Magazine




“…a promising debut for Myers-Shyer, who might want to take on a collaborator for her next script, but has some warm and comic things to say about adults trying to make sense of their lives.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“HOME AGAIN strives to be in the same league as mom’s SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE, IT’S COMPLICATED, or THE INTERN – but it lacks a certain specificity in the screenplay department.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality



17417-1-1100BEACH RATS

“We are BEACH RATS’ captive audience. If the film is tender, it’s merciless at the same time.” – Andy Crump, The Playlist

“[Eliza] Hittman’s superlatively subjective camera sexualizes all in its path, damp with a New York summer’s cruel humidity and a hazy, exhausted torpor.” – Sean Burns, Boston Reel




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