“THE WOLVERINE proves to be a class act, but it’s also a commercial entertainment, right down to the added scene during the closing credits.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, ScifiMoviePage

“What makes this film so wonderfully different and exquisitely understated from the usual offering in the superhero genre is it’s main reliance on compelling storytelling and character development.” – Tim Estiloz, Examiner

“Once again, an X-MEN movie is just good enough.” – Bob Chipman, Escapist

“What THE WOLVERINE does right relates to Logan as a character, what drives him, his strengths and weaknesses. What it does wrong is action movie stuff.” – Kristofer Jenson, DigBoston

“The title of this entry feels like a sheepish admission on the part of the producers: Ignore that last one—this is the Wolverine movie.” – Sean Burns, Philadelphia Weekly

“After three films where Wolverine struggled to stand out and one terrible solo picture, Mangold’s THE WOLVERINE finally does the character justice.” – Evan Crean, Starpulse

“…the filmmakers are clearly more interested in the action sequences– a rip-roaring bullet train chase, and a climactic dalliance with something big and mechanical. Ho hum woof.” – Joyce Kulhawik, Joyce’s Choices



“There’s something almost celebratory about the graphically suggestive sexuality here; watching the film build to its big moments of teenage sexual abandon gone wrong feels akin to watching a cat coyly knock stemware off of the kitchen table…” Andrew Crump, Go-See-Talk


fruitvale-station-mainFRUITVALE STATION

“At times, the story of Oscar Grant ascends peaks of inexpressible joy; at others, quite obviously, it plumbs the depths of human callousness and cruelty, painting a portrait of a cold world in which the threat of violent death is an everyday part of living.” – Andrew Crump, Go-See-Talk

“A touching and, tragically, still relevant tribute.” – Monica Castillo, DIG Boston

“Not only a must-see, but also an early Best Picture favorite” – Brett Michel, Patriot Ledger

“That we already know how it will all end gives the movie’s plotlessness purpose. Every character interaction is freighted with our understanding it may be the last.” – Sean Burns, Philadelphia Weekly



“BLACKFISH is a shattering documentary, a horror show that details how killer whales are treated in just this sort of manner.” – Kilian Melloy, Edge Boston

“The film’s emphasis on misdeeds of the past require the greater part of our attention – herein is where the most data is offered to us at the fastest clip – but it doesn’t take a whale researcher, trainer, or neuroscientist to figure out where Tilikum went bad and for what reasons.” – Andrew Crump, Go-See-Talk



“Despite its creative smarts and originality, COMPUTER CHESS can really be summed up as an artistic curiosity, a fair distance from the relationship frameworks of Bujalski’s previous films.” – Norm Schrager, Meet in The Lobby

“It’s TRASH HUMPERS for tech nerds, by way of THE TRIAL, with all the ‘narrative coherence’ such a bastard mixture would entail.”- Jake Mulligan, Rushmore Kite Flying Society

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