Joseph Gordon-Levitt sitting in a plan cockpit with a bloody arm looking behind him in the movie 7500“With the help of a small cast led by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Patrick Vollrath manages to take a small budget and construct a tension-filled thriller that remains consistent throughout.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential

“By design, 7500 is a real bummer, but that doesn’t make for a great reason to watch it.” – Nick Johnston, Vanyaland

“By the time it ends, you won’t have any energy left to think of anything else but finding your happy place so you can calm down.” – John Black, Cinekong Reviews


Kevin Bacon holds Avery Tiiu Essex in his arms in the movie You Should Have LeftYOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT

“The fault here doesn’t lie with the actors: instead, it’s almost wholly Koepp’s issues that sink the film.” – Nick Johnston, Vanyaland



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