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“JUPITER ASCENDING had all the makings of a cyberpunk STAR WARS meets DUNE mashup: royalty that needs rescuing, parental issues, alien life forms, fanciful spaceships and distinct outer planets. What it severely lacks is any sense of cohesion.” – Monica Castillo, International Business Times

““Jupiter Ascending is big and beautiful, but its story seemed curated from the ebook romance department.” – Max Covill, Fresh From The Theater

“The Wachowskis’ sense of scale, clear inspiration by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ideas for DUNE, and attention to detail all make JUPITER ASCENDING top-notch spectacle.” – Sam Cohen, Under the Gun Review

“There’s a kind of groovy, multicultural, pansexual vibe where all are welcome and the deliberately artificial visuals are to die for.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality

“Is it too early to declare the JUPITER ASCENDING the worst movie of 2015?” – David Riedel, Santa Fe Reporter

“If you still have a sense of wonder with which a popcorn movie like JUPITER ASCENDING can connect, you’ll have a good time.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“The self-indulgent action sequences that clog up the movie only underscore the banality of the tale once the action stops.” – John Black, Boston Event Guide



“This is a trainwreck, and not the accidental kind. People made this thing on purpose.” – Andy Crump, Paste Magazine

“That mumbly/drunken/unintelligible slur coming out of the main character’s mouth really is how Jeff Bridges thinks a witch witch slayer would sound back in medieval times. Don’t let it bother you.” – John Black, Boston Event Guide

“The story is so familiar that even if you haven’t read Joseph Delaney’s THE SPOOK’S APPRENTICE (the film’s source material) you’re never surprised by what happens.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“As bad as SEVENTH SON is, I have to question why it was even released in the first place.” – Jaskee Hickman, The Movie Picture Show


spongebob-film-trailer2-580x303THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE: SPONGE OUT OF WATER

“For those of you who are fans, you may find yourself hollering more than the children and their parents who fill the theater.” – Sam Cohen, Sumo Skinny

“I doubt THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE: SPONGE OUT OF WATER will be considered one of the best animated films by the time 2015 comes to a close, but it is a movie that promises a good time for children who are fans of the series.” – Jaskee Hickman, The Movie Picture Show

“We know where we’re going, but it takes far too long to get there.” – Jake Mulligan, Edge Boston