“An ice-cold, woozy nightmare of a movie, so dense you can hardly take it all in with just a single viewing.” – Sean Burns, Philadelphia Weekly

“It puzzles you while you watch it, comes together when you think about it, and finds itself stuck in your mind days and weeks after you’ve seen it.” – Jake Mulligan, The Suffolk Voice

“The way this film moves, like some bizarre ballerina on a stage of surrealism, is so loopy and dreamlike that while its narrative continuity is certainly fractured, the flow never once feels sporadic.” – Greg Vellante, The Eagle Tribune

“Cronenberg has a genius for building a sense of momentum, and an atmosphere of mounting anarchy and entropy.” – Kilian Melloy, Kal’s Movie Blog

“Well, if it isn’t the most confounding movie of the year. May God grant you mercy if you’re going just for R.Patz.” – Monica Castillo, DigBoston 



“It’s hard to decide which was wasted more in making HIT AND RUN: Talent, money or gas. Or maybe it’s the audience’s time.” – John Black, Boston Event Guide

“Calling this movie HIT AND RUN doesn’t do it justice, if only because it fails to hit anything, and doesn’t even really feel like anyone took much of an aim.” – Kilian Melloy, Kal’s Movie Blog

“You’ll be checking your watch over and over wondering how 100 minutes could go by so slowly.” – Daniel M. Kimmel,

“The best joke here is the idea that people would pay to see this movie.” – Jake Mulligan, EDGE Boston

“It’s really hard to make car chases boring. Yet somehow Dax Shepard manages to do it.” – Evan Crean, Reel Recon



“The storytelling has a welcome lack of convention and pushy emotion, Zobel letting viewers soak in the problems at generally the same pace as the characters.” – Norm Schrager, Meet In The Lobby

“You can’t help but feel implicated in all the madness. The movie’s brilliance is in just how repellant it is.” – Jake Mulligan, EDGE Boston



“Nothing more than a shiftless studio effort. It preaches the value of speed, but never for a moment feels like it’s in a rush.” – Jake Mulligan, The Suffolk Voice

“It only makes you wish that the badly filmed and edited near misses Koepp fills the film with weren’t so close after all.” – John Black, Boston Event Guide

“It puts the pedal to the metal right away, but boy does that metal rust up quickly.” – Greg Vellante, The Eagle Tribune

“Some mildly diverting stunt work if you’re interested in such things, and a story in which we have nothing invested in so that its ultimate resolution has no impact.” – Daniel M. Kimmel,

“The kind of picture that will play like gangbusters on afternoon cable, but feels a bit thin when you’re shelling out upwards of 10 bucks for a night at the movies.” – Sean Burns, Philadelphia Weekly



“It’s a brilliant bit of acting that takes a fun little robot movie and raises it to the level of art.” – John Black, Boston Event Guide

“If this is playing near you, go see ROBOT & FRANK. Easily one of the best science-fiction movies in years.” – Bob Chipman, The Escapist



“This subject would make for a fine documentary if David Gelb hadn’t already done so in his far more focused and compelling JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI.” – Brett Michel, The Boston Phoenix 
“This might spook some gullible teens and tweens, but it won’t be around for long.” – Daniel M. Kimmel,