“You would think that any production originated by the Nolan Gravy Train might show more hallmarks of quality than pockmarks of imperfection.” – Andy Crump, Movie Mezzanine

“TRANSCENDENCE never transcends above the lowest levels of entertainment.” – Jaskee Hickman, The Movie Picture Show

“An intelligent, complex movie about artificial intelligence that delves deep into some of the issues the overrated HER only touched on.” – Daniel Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“The most egregious example of a really, really stupid movie that thinks it’s a really, really smart movie since PROMETHEUS” – Bob Chipman, Escapist


HEAVEN IS FOR REALgreg-kinnear-heaven-is-for-real-600x400

“Wallace smartly leaves room for skeptics of Burpo’s account to maintain their doubt; what matters most is that audiences understand the film character’s reasons for choosing to believe his son’s vision/dream/delirium.” – Inkoo Kang, The Wrap

“If HEAVEN IS FOR REAL had left the source of Colton’s visions ambiguous to the very end, it would’ve been a few editing decisions away from being an INSIDIOUS sequel.” – Jake Mulligan, EDGE Boston



“This is relatively grim stuff to grapple with at any age, even from the studio that killed off Bambi’s mom.” – Jake Mulligan, EDGE Boston



A HAUNTED HOUSE 2a_haunted_house_2

“I wanted to like A HAUNTED HOUSE 2, but it just isn’t very funny.” – Jaskee Hickman, The Movie Picture Show

“Inventive visual gags and charmingly lo-fi aesthetics be damned to hell: The dialogue and humor here are as played-out and unoriginal as the horror movies Wayans sets out to parody.” – Jake Mulligan, In Review Online


hero_RobTheMob-2014-1ROB THE MOB

“ROB THE MOB wouldn’t work without the wild, dumb optimism Tommy and Rosie fuel in each other. It’s infectious, even when it’s obvious that the fates are about to turn on them at any moment.” – Inkoo Kang, The Wrap