“Alex Garland asserts that a dying soldier on the battlefield doesn’t cling to the politics of his situation, but instead to a hope for survival. Civil War reminds you that no matter the politics of its existence, in war people die, and to forget the horror of death is to forget the reason for living.” Derek Deskins, EDGE Media Network

“The new film Civil War is a horribly cynical, violent and carelessly incendiary waste of 109 minutes masquerading as a thinly veiled cautionary tale for the politically paranoid.” Tim Estiloz, Kaleidoscope Reviews

“If you’re planning on seeing Civil War, see it fast. This is a movie that’s going to divide audiences, and that people will have strong reactions to, even as they come up with different associations and interpretations for what it ‘really means.’ ” Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies


Remembering Gene Wilder is a fitting tribute to the a comic icon, taking us through the various phases of his life and career. It is a love letter that the late actor’s fans (he died in 2016) won’t want to miss.” Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies