“… a conventional action film with some unconventional ideas and the star power of Tom Cruise.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“This movie would probably be offensively terrible if it bothered to try hard enough, but we aren’t even that lucky – and I’m not sure whether or not that’s actually preferable.” – Bob Chipman,

” despite a committed cast, there’s virtually nothing that differentiates JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK from playing like a straight-to-DVD B movie mistakenly sent to multiplexes.” – Kristofer Jenson, C-Ville Weekly

“If you’ve been watching the action movies that have been released over the past decade or so, you’ve already seen JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential

“Sorry, but once you’ve seen Tom Cruise hanging from the Burj Khalifa watching him almost fall off a cheap set left over from an eighties cop show isn’t exactly wow material.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality


ouija-origin-of-evilOUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL

“…even with the late missteps OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL is a strong horror film. It does not insult the audience’s intelligence and still manages to create some scares along the way. ” – Deirdre Crimmins, Film Thrills


certain-womenCERTAIN WOMEN

“Human situations are often difficult; does that excuse us for looking away as often as we do? Or is there something there worth seeing, if we can stand to stay with it? That’s a question you’ll have to answer for yourself.” – Killian Melloy, Edge Boston

“Reichardt is a filmmaker who enjoys standing apart from her subjects, content to meditate on the mundanities without ever belittling the idea of a simplistic life. ” – Allyson Johnson, Cambridge Day

“This is a film about behavior, with complicated emotions conveyed by actions and inferences that go tragically unnoticed. But look closely enough and you’ll see every one of these CERTAIN WOMEN (and some of their sad-sack men) reaching out, yearning to be heard.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality