Evan Crean interviews Sam J. Jones of FLASH GORDON and LIFE AFTER FLASH

Allyson Johnson reviews LIZ AND THE BLUE BIRD and A SILENT VOICE

Bob Chipman talks the history of CAPTAIN MARVEL

Sean Burns looks at Godard’s THE IMAGE BOOK

Robyn Bahr talks animated movies taking on toxic masculinity

Spoilerpiece Theatre offers an Oscar wrap-up and talks CLIMAX and GRETA

Andrew Crump reviews WOMAN AT WAR and THE HOLE IN THE GROUND

Kilian Melloy interviews Dror Keren on His Israeli Stage Residency and Matthew Montgomery co-writer and director of DEVIL’S PATH. He also reviews TRANSIT, THE WEDDING GUEST, and WOMAN AT WAR for EDGE Boston.

BOFCA Repertory Podcast – November 2016

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Steve Head, Bob Chipman and Seans Burns break down the Boston area’s busy repertory scene for November 2016.