furious-7-rockFURIOUS 7

“The stakes are raised in terms of possible mortality of the main players, the cars are more expensive and harder to wreck, and the overlying theme about family as the source of adrenaline-induced fury is enough to destroy a whole urban city (literally).” – Sam Cohen, Substream Magazine

“The franchise has evolved into pure action spectacle. It has transformed from a car show into a gun show.” – Jake Mulligan, Edge Boston

“…the filmmakers forgot Chekhov’s rule that if The Rock says “I’m gonna put a hurt on him so bad he’ll wish his mother kept her legs crossed” in the first act, you need to pay that off in the third.” – Sean Burns, Spliced Personality

“Everything included in FURIOUS 7 allows fans of this lengthy series to jump right in the driver’s seat of this action packed cinematic vehicle and embrace all of the entertainment that these movies are looking to offer.” – Jaskee Hickman, Cinematic Essential 

“The first movie franchise to ever successfully transition to self-parody; mostly by doing so in such a ‘subtle’ (after a fashion) kind of way that anyone who might’ve been annoyed by that transition probably didn’t notice.” – Bob Chipman, Movie Bob Reviews



“…a hokey piece of cinema that uses the horrors of the Holocaust for little else but yanking the viewers’ heartstrings.” – Charlie Nash, Cinematic Essential

“…WOMAN IN GOLD is harmless and mildly arresting thanks to the efforts of its leads. It just doesn’t rise much above being more than just half-cocked schmaltz, which is a bummer at best and an insult to Altmann’s struggle at worst. ” – Andy Crump, Paste Magazine

“The film lets us see the tensions and sadness that are inevitable in a story like this, but also offers some wry humor.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, The Jewish Advocate


effie gray review dakotaEFFIE GRAY

“EFFIE GRAY isn’t an easy viewing experience, but it has the goods for a patient audience. It will stay the dragons awhile.” – David Riedel, Santa Fe Reporter



magicianorsonwelles1_25789c91-ac2f-e411-add3-d4ae527c3b65MAGICIAN: THE ASTONISHING LIFE AND WORK OF ORSON WELLES

“Although it stumbles on the details, though, the one thing that Workman’s movie does quite effectively is give us a sense of the independence spirit that Welles brought to all his art, whether they were successful or not.” – John Black, Boston Event Guide