“The most unnecessary remake since Gus van Sant’s peculiar shot-for-shot remake of PSYCHO in 1998.” – Dan Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“A complete waste of time and energy for everyone involved and for the audience unfortunate enough to watch it.” – Bob Chipman, Escapist

“However despite their [Moretz and Moore] efforts, they cannot overcome director Pierce’s misguided vision for this bloody mess of a remake.”-Tim Estiloz, Examiner



“The picture makes gestures to trope-subversion and social awareness, but it’s filler, not commentary.” – Jake Mulligan, EDGE Boston

“This is the action version of those movies with ensemble casts of older British actors being adorably British together.” – Dan Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“The Italian Stallion is stuck carrying the burden of exposition, mumbling semi-intelligibly about structural engineering while The Governator goes hog-wild, stealing scenes with reckless abandon.” – Sean Burns, Metro



“Keeps its own perspective unmistakably clear; praising the ideals behind WikiLeaks while damning its figurehead as an icy, intemperate megalomaniac.” – Bob Chipman, Escapist

“As riveting as a ‘tweet’ on Twitter. It might grab your attention for the moment but it has no staying power.” – Dan Kimmel, North Shore Movies

“…stutters along for the span of its running time, alternating between working perfectly and operating clunkily in fits and spurts before shuddering to a helpless climax long after overstaying its welcome.” – Andrew Crump, Go-See-Talk



“To’s worked around the censors by imbuing his societal criticism into the mood and tone of the piece, rather than the text.”- Jake Mulligan, EDGE Boston

“The stark consequences and eventual pile-up of dead bodies gunned down in front of a schoolyard say all we need to know about this dead-end trade. DRUG WAR is cold, hard and impeccable.”- Sean Burns, Philadelphia Weekly

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