Zoom meeting image of people on their webcams from the movie HostHOST

“Yes, the First Zoom Horror Movie was an inevitability. Less inevitable is the fact that it stands on its own feet as one of the year’s best horror movies, gimmick or no gimmick.” – Oscar Goff, Boston Hassle


A man rowing sitting in his boat as part of a crew team from the documentary A Most Beautiful ThingA MOST BEAUTIFUL THING

“And just when I thought I had seen the extent of the positive impact of rowing on their lives, the narrative takes a leap and unfolds in an unexpected way that just about took the top of my head off. ” – Joyce Kulhawik, Joyce’s Choices


A firefighter standing in the shadows of a massive blaze in the documentary Rebuilding ParadiseREBUILDING PARADISE

“What Howard does present is a straight forward story of the blaze and the year after, as attempts are made to get Paradise on its feet again.” – Randy Steinberg, Blast Magazine



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