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“Trying to keep all the various threads of the storyline straight in your mind will give you a headache and, frankly it’s not really worth it.” – John Black, Boston Event Guide

“Will Smith continues his sad journey from ‘promising young movie star’ to ‘CEO of Smith Family Dynasty Entertainment Properties.'” – Sean Burns, Philadelphia Weekly

“I hate to break it to our readers, but the wise-cracking worms are practically nonexistent save for a background comment. Sad alien face.” – Monica Castillo, DigBoston

“You’ll come out looking for the neuralizer.” – Bob Chipman, The Escapist

“The stupidity of this movie extends beyond 3D, into the dialogue between its characters.” – Evan Crean, Reel Recon

“Brolin’s dead-on impression of a younger Tommy Lee Jones is what makes this movie so enjoyable.” – Tim Estiloz, Boston Latino TV

“It won’t change your life nor will it boggle you with its concepts. However if you let it, this is a movie prepared to entertain.” – Daniel M. Kimmel, Sci-Fi Movie Page

“Decisions this safe should never be celebrated.” – Jake Mulligan, EDGE Boston  

“This movie is absolutely weightless, in the worst way possible. It holds absolutely no substance, no lasting power, and I loathe it for existing in the first place.” – Greg Vellante, The Eagle Tribune



“It’s appropriate that the young cast spends a good deal of time running in circles—it’s a metaphor for first-time director Brad Parker’s repetitive, colorless action.” – Norm Schrager, Paste Magazine

“If I only had a nickel for every fucking bad decision characters make in this film…” – Steve Head, The Post-Movie Podcast

“The film’s bark is worse than its bite, and its constant teases wear thin, even over a 90-minute runtime.” – Jake Mulligan, The Boston Phoenix

“If only CHERNOBYL DIARIES had a story. Or even diaries.” – Brett Michel, The Boston Herald



“Unforgettable. A multi-layered, almost impressionistic vision of what being immersed in the lives of these police officers must be like.” – John Black, Boston Event Guide
“A work of stunning realism that regularly falls off the rails into cop-show melodrama.” – Jake Mulligan, The Suffolk Voice
“It’s like seeing an onion of revolting sins peeled away layer by putrid layer, the rot growing blacker with each scene.” – Kilian Melloy, EDGE Boston
“Part love and loss, part drama and a dash of a few musical numbers, the grief never weighs too heavily before moving on.” – Monica Castillo, La Vida de Mcastmovies
“A ramshackle curiosity of a film, poorly made and more admirable in intent than execution.” – Sean Burns, Philadelphia Weekly
“The dialogue feels wholly original as both actors translate their characters’ pent-up disdain for one another into fits of spontaneous spewing — and hilarity.” – Norm Schrager, Meet In The Lobby

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